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Make a statement and customize your ride today. We are your Connection with a variety of wheel options tailored just for you!


Tires Toronto

Winter Tires can decrease your vehicles stopping distance up to 35%. Get to where you are going safer!


Make the Connection

If you’re looking for great prices on new tires, the wheel packages you’ve always wanted or tire and wheel service and repair, you’ve made the Connection. The Tire Connection.

We’re here to help you make the right choices about the only thing that connects your vehicle to the road, your wheels and tires.

It starts with providing all the services you need in a central Greater Toronto Area location.

  • Borla Exhausts
  • A full line of New Tires for most Cars
  • Complete Tire Repair
  • Accurate Wheel Alignment
  • Winter Tires

  • Lowering Links
  • Tire Mount & Balance
  • Wheel Packages for Winter & Summer
  • Wheel Repair
  • Flat tire repair and re-installation

As an Authorized Dealer for the many of the leading manufacturers in the tire industry, the Tire Connection has all the auto tires and wheels you’re looking for.

Stay Safe

New tire technology is constantly advancing with new compounds, construction techniques and configurations that make each new generation safer than the one before. Your new tires will not only be safer for you and your family, they are designed to last longer too.

Look Good

You’ll be amazed at the difference a new wheel package will make to the look and feel of your car. New alloys and design trends mean that your wheels are the best way to set your car apart from the rest.

Save Money

Everyone wants to be safer and we all want to drive a vehicle with a distinctive look. But imagine being able to do both and save money while you’re doing it. Tire makers are always finding ways to improve gas mileage with tread patterns and rubber compounds, which means your new tires will save you money at the pump. And studies show that winter tires can reduce stopping distances by up to 35% in bad weather – which might save you costly repairs and insurance premiums.

Even your new wheels, which are lighter and stronger than your old ones, can help improve mileage and handling.

The good news? Tire Connection will help you do it all: drive safer, have a better looking car and save money, by setting you up with the right tires, wheels and accessories for your vehicle.