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  • Advan A048

    short Description yokohama-ADVAN_A048_main $100.00

    Performance Car

    Summer / Ultra High Performance

    The ADVAN AO48 is designed to take Yokohama’s advanced racing technology to a new level in D.O.T.- approved tire performance by delivering precise control, sure-footed braking and predictable grip. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon cap plies and belt edge strips. The belt package is placed on top of a rounded casing design that allows the tire to predictably handle transitions from straight-line travel to high g-force cornering and back. With so many performance features, it’s no surprise that the ADVAN AO48 is among the most capable DOT-R tires ever made, an ideal choice for committed enthusiasts.


    • SINGLE BLOCK DESIGN: The entire tread surface is one continuous tread block, which increases stiffness, enhances cornering and optimizes power transitions during acceleration and braking. This design ensures constant contact with the road, delivering a better “on-center” feel and responsive steering.
    • ROUNDED CASING DESIGN: Developed for racing applications, this unique tread profile quickly and easily transitions from straight-line sprints to high-speed cornering, enabling predictable handling.
    • STATE-OF-THE-ART, RACE-READY COMPOUND: The latest result of Yokohama technology, the A048 compound delivers phenomenal grip under a broad range of temperatures.

  • Advan Neova AD08R

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    Street Driving & Fast Lap Times

    ADVAN Neova AD08R

    Now available with a faster "R" Orange Oil rubber compound. For racers and car enthusiasts with highly tuned cars. They use their car on the street and the race track and want one tyre to do both duties. Capable of astonishing lap times. It's the tyre used by World Time Attack Challenge Clubsprint competitors.

    Street tyres work well when cold. Conventional rubber compounds reach their limit during high speed driving as heat softening quickly saps the tyres ability to grip the road. Using street tyres on the track can lead to slower lap times and rapid tread wear.

    Race tyres, on the other hand, work well when hot. R-spec race tyres and slicks generate heat which helps them grip the race track. They work best above 60 degrees Celsius. Race tyres work best in the first heat cycles, then performance begins to drop off. Using race tyres on the street is uneconomical as it can waste heat cycles and reduce tyre performance.

    Heat control is one of the key features of the ADVAN Neova AD08R. It deals with heat effectively and copes with hard driving with minimal wear. It really is the ultimate high performance road tyre. The downside with the original ADVAN Neova AD08 was that it tended to squeal a bit with track work. The new ADVAN Neova AD08R is more progressive with less squeal. It feels more like an R-compound tyre.

    The Neova AD08R tread design is the same as the AD08. Sequential Round Grooves dissipate and spread forces over large unbroken tread sections. Uni-block shoulders are continuous for rigidity, powerful grip and lower lap times.


    The new "R" tyre compound provides more initial grip, improved handling and improved lap times making an already great tyre even better. The rubber compound has more carbon, for dry grip; more silica, for wet grip and Yokohama's innovative Orange Oil tyre technology proven in the tyres used in the World Touring Car Championship.

    The ADVAN Neova AD08R is the tyre used at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge in Clubsprint Class. Even with tighter 2013 rules the AD08Rs were capable of a 1:39.247 lap time at Sydney Motorsport Park in the Process West Subaru WRX Sti of Jason Wright and Autotech.

    Set ADVAN Neovas up like race tyres so that your hot pressures, when you come off the track are between 32 and 36 psi. For an explanation on how to set hot tyre pressures read our blog.

    On the street use the manufacturer's tyre placard pressure recommendations.

  • Advan S.T.

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    Light Truck / SUV / Crossover

    Summer / Ultra High Performance

    Engineered to meet or exceed the requirements of today's ultra-performance SUV's, the ADVAN S.T. was conceived as a tire to handle the specific demands of these low centre of gravity vehicles. With W and Y speed ratings, it is one of the fastest and most capable SUV tires in the world.


    • Newly developed silica compound creates massive traction in hot, dry conditions as well as cool, wet conditions.
    • Steel sidewall reinforcement enable responsive steering and great control at high speeds.
    • W-shaped multi-directional grooves rapidly expel creating dramatically improved traction in wet conditions.Large shoulder blocks improve lateral stability when cornering.

  • Advan Sport V105

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    The ADVAN Sport V105 is Yokohama’s flagship high performance tyre. It provides limousine quietness and race tyre performance.

    It was developed on the demanding Nurburgring race circuit in conjunction with one of the World's leading prestige car manufacturers. It benefits from advances in eco tyre technology and race tyre technology.

    The ADVAN Sport tyre is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The tread design is conservative with wide straight grooves to disperse water and silent sipes to reduce tyre noise.

    Under the surface hides a race tyre-like Matrix Body Ply structure providing rigidity resulting in quick steering response for drivers. 

    Yokohama Orange Oil tyre technology is used in the race tyres for the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC).

    Grip is provided by Yokohama’s innovative Orange Oil nano-blend rubber compound which keeps the tyre flexible at a micro-level. 

    It replaces the ADVAN Sport V103 tyre. The ADVAN Sport V105 high performance tyre has more wet grip, more dry grip and is quieter. Being 3.9% lighter is one of the factors which make it a more fuel efficient tyre too.

    There are 43 ADVAN Sport V105 tyre sizes in the range. The sizes below are available now (pending local demand). Additional sizes will become available in the first half of 2014. Market prices for this tyre vary widely. For the best deal phone your nearest Yokohama store on 139656. Find your closest Yokohama tyre store here.

  • S,Drive

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    High Performance and Long Lasting AS01

    Have you got a powerful car that eats up its tyres. The Yokohama can deal with all the horsepower and punishment you can dish out, then says "Is that all you got?"
    The key to the's remarkable durability is the heat-resistant rubber compound which is similar to the one in the legendary dual duty road and racing tyre the ADVAN Neova.
    Fast acceleration, high speed cornering and hard braking brings the best out of the They can even survive the occasional track day. It suits high horsepower cars with big wheels that require low profile tyres. It's deal for demanding drivers and performance cars like AMG Mercedes, HSV and SS Holdens, XR6 Turbo and XR8 Falcons, Nissan GTRs, Subaru WRX and Sti as well as Mitsubishi Evo.

    Scroll down for tyre reviews, sizes and tyre prices. tyres have proved they can take the punishment on the race track.