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  • Espia EPZ

    short Description ESPIA_EPZ_main $100.00

    The ESPIA EPZ provides superb traction even in the harshest weather conditions. Specially designed canyon sipes and a micro-glass fiber rubber compound allow the EPZ to “claw” the roughness of ice and stubbornness of snow in a non-studded alternative to the traditional winter tire. With sizes ranging from 13-inch to 17-inch, the EPZ covers many of today’s popular OE fitments. The Espia EPZ is the perfect choice capable of conquering mother nature at her worst on a daily basis.

  • EuroWinter HS449

    short Description euro-winter-HS449_main $100.00

    The EUROWINTER HS449 raises the bar for the winter performance segment. With a new silica enriched compound, the HS449 is a blend of winter capability and dry performance. The directional tread design features an optimal amount of void ratio for grip in wet and slushy conditions as well as snow evacuation. 3D Canyon siping is utilized in the tread for ice grip and wet performance to help the tire maintain contact with the road in severe conditions. For those looking for performance in winter with dependability in the dry, the HS449 hits the mark.